Meadowbrook Night Markets

All Stallholders (New and Returning) Please note that payment is now required at time of booking.

Event Dates and Times

Meadowbrook Night Markets 2020

January No Markets

February 7th

March 6th

April 3rd

May 1st

June 5th

July 3rd

August 7th

September 4th

October 2nd

November 6th

December 4th

  • First Friday night of each month
  • Bump in – from 2pm and ready to serve by 5pm
  • Opening Hours – from 5pm to 9pm


Meadowbrook Golf Club, Golf Course Drive, Meadowbrook  QLD  4131

Casual Stalls

Casual stalls will be limited due to space restrictions and allowed in on a first in first served basis.


  • Once you have sent through your application form, you will be
    issued a PayPal invoice. Please pay directly from this invoice.
  • Please note, your site IS NOT CONFIRMED until your invoice is paid.
  • All invoices are to be paid NO LATER than the Wednesday prior to
    the market.
  • No payments will be accepted on the night.
  • Double space = double price.
  • No refunds on stall cancellations or event cancellations once paid.
  • Stallholders are responsible for any damage caused to the Market site (rock walls, trees, park benches and seats)

Charity & Community Groups

Meadowbrook Night Markets support the local community and its registered charities. We will showcase up to 4 community groups per markets. (Free Site) The online application must be completed with all your charity and community information and all the details and activities must be approved by the market organisers.


You must have your own public and product liability insurance. Please ensure you meet any local, state and federal law requirements.

Set Up

  • Strictly no pegs allowed due to underground irrigation.
  • Weights to be used on all gazebos. The location can be windy

Bump In and Out

  • Vehicles that drive through the market must have their hazard
    lights on. The procedure is to unpack your stock from your
    vehicle, remove your vehicle, then set up
  • Do not drive on grass or gardens.
  • Please be patient and considerate of the parking attendants,
    other stall holders and general public.


Products for sale are limited to:

  • Food & associated products
  • Plants & flowers
  • Fashion & lifestyle products

Direct Sellers – Limited spaces available
The sale of second hand items and counterfeit/illegal goods is not allowed

Cancellations due to Inclement Weather

  • Market Organisers will decide on a Market by Market basis if the event needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather.  If the Market is cancelled by the Organisers, you will be notified via Social Media and Email, and your site fees will be held over to the next market.
  • If the Organisers go ahead with the Market, and you opt not to attend – no refunds will be given.

Electricity / Generators

  • No power is available.
  • All vendors MUST provide their own generator.  They must be quiet and not smelling.
  • All Generators MUST be protected from the public by using a screen / crate.
  • All stalls at Mingle Markets should be well lit to create atmosphere and better sales!


  • Stallholders are not, under any circumstances, to approach or
    touch any power outlets around the market at all times. If there are
    any issues with the power, staff is to be contacted immediately
  • All leads, electrical cords and equipment supplied by the vendor
    are their sole responsibility. All electrical cords, leads and
    equipment must be tested and tagged as safe, prior to attendance
    at the market. Any fault or damaged caused by the vendor or their
    site setup, to other vendors sites, the site (the property) or to
    patrons in attendance at the market, the vendor will be liable to
    the extent of the damage.


Rubbish is each stall holder’s responsibility. Customer rubbish will be removed by the market operator. This is not provided for
stallholder use at any time.

DO NOT leave your trading rubbish behind or a charge of $50 will be incurred.


Any damage found to equipment, landscaping, lighting, lessor’s (property owners) and/or market owner’s property will be charged to the individual responsible.

Temporary Food Stall License

If you are operating a Food Stall and are unsure about Logan City Council requirements for a “Temporary Food Stall License’”

Please contact the Logan City Council on 3412 3412 or visit the Council’s website at for further information.

Food Labelling

  • All food and produce labelling or signs must correctly identify the location and region of origin.
    This is an important part of letting
    your customers know where &what type of seasonal item they are purchasing,
    whether you are a grower, co-op, wholesaler,
    distributor, retailer, helping the neighbours, friends or other – this is required.
  • Please ensure this is displayed at all times. Failure to do so will result in the stallholder being asked to leave the market.

Contact Details for the Event

Jane Dear – 0421 008 668

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