Yarrabilba Mingle Markets

Event Dates and Times

Yarrabilba Mingle Markets 2020
4th December
18th December
2021 Dates will be announced shortly
  • Bump in – between 2.00 – 3.00pm NO sites held for late arrivals
  • Opening Hours – from 5pm to 9pm

* Please note that payment is required at time of booking.

* Please read ALL the information below BEFORE submitting your application.

Casual Stalls

Casual stalls start at $45 and will be limited due to space restrictions and allowed in on a first in first served basis.

Food Vans, Trucks & Stalls

Food vendor applications are between $75 & $150 and are limited.

Permanent stalls can be pre-booked with permission from management, and Prepaid for 6 months to ensure your site is reserved


Darlington Park, corner of Darlington and Yarrabilba Roads, Yarrabilba.

Returning Stall Holder?

Contact MUST be made to the organiser via email no later than ONE week prior to the market to rebook their site.

Sites will not be confirmed until the booking is PAID

Charity & Community Groups

Yarrabilba Mingle Markets support the local community and its registered charities. If you qualify as a local community group or a registered charity, we offer heavily discounted stall fees which are subject to availability.


  • Bookings are processed weekly, and you will be notified by email.
  • Bookings are NOT confirmed until payment is received.
  • NO payments will be accepted on the day
  • Market Management reserve the right to terminate a stall on the day of the markets if they are found to be trading without complying with the below terms and conditions.
  • Market Management reserves the right to refuse any vendor who does not comply with the standards set out below


You must have your own public and product liability insurance. Please ensure you meet any local, state and federal law requirements.

Set Up

  • Strictly NO PEGS allowed due to underground irrigation!
  • Stall holders must provide their own Marquee and Lights
  • Weights to be used on all marquess
  • Stall holders must provide their own set up

Vendors can be fined by Mingle Market and Logan City Council

Bump In and Out

  • Vehicles that drive through the market must have their hazard lights on.
  • The procedure is to unpack your stock from your vehicle, remove your vehicle, then set up
  • Do NOT SET UP YOUR MARQUEE until you have removed your Car
  • Do NOT START COOKING before you remove your car/ute
  • Do not drive on gardens beds
  • Please be patient, WAIT for safe accessibility site.
  • Be considerate of the parking attendants, other stall holders and general public.
  • Aggressive, rude vendors will not be tolerated and may be asked to leave before set up


The sale of second hand items and counterfeit/illegal goods is not allowed

Products for sale are limited to:

  • Food & associated products
  • Plants & flowers
  • Fashion & lifestyle products

Cancellations due to Inclement Weather

  • If the Market is cancelled by the Organisers, you will be notified via Email, and your site fees will be held over to the next market.
  • If the Organisers go ahead with the Market, and you opt not to attend – no refunds will be given.

Market customers will also be notified on our Facebook pages

Electricity / Generators

  • No power is available.
  • All vendors MUST provide their own power and lights
  • All stalls at Mingle Markets should be well lit to create atmosphere, great sales and a safe environment.
  • All Generators MUST be protected from the public by using a screen / crate.
  • All generators must be clean and quiet


  • Stallholders are NOT to approach or touch any power outlets around the market.
  • All leads, electrical cords and equipment supplied by the vendor are their sole responsibility.
  • All electrical cords, leads and equipment must be tested and tagged as safe, prior to attendance
    at the market.
  • If any fault or damaged is caused by you, the vendor or their site setup, to other vendors sites, the site (the property) or to patrons in attendance at the market, you, the vendor will be liable to the extent of the damage.


  • Rubbish is each stall holder’s responsibility.
  • Bring your own rubbish bins, bags, etc and do not leave any rubbish behind
  • Customer rubbish bins will be managed and removed by the market operator.
  • Bins provided by the market operator are NOT to be used by vendors.

DO NOT leave your trading rubbish behind or a charge of $50 will be incurred.


Any damage found to equipment, landscaping, lighting, lessor’s (property owners) and/or market owner’s property will be charged to the individual responsible.

Temporary Food Stall Licence

If you are operating a Food Stall and are unsure about Logan City Council requirements for a “Temporary Food Stall Licence’” please contact the Logan City Council on 3412 3412 or visit the Council’s website at http://www.logan.qld.gov.au for further information.

Special Requirements for Food and Beverage Stalls

  • All Food Stalls need to have a canvas on the floor of their stall. This is a conditionof attendance and trading
  • All Coffee Stalls need to remove any rubbish and left-over coffee groundsbefore leaving the site.

Food Labelling

  • All food and produce labelling or signs MUST correctly identify the location and region of origin.
  • Please ensure this is displayed at all times. Failure to do so will result in the stallholder being asked to leave the market.

Contact Details for the Event

Jane Dear – 0421 008 668

Gabi- 0458 919 700